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How to Raise a Kappa (Water Imp) - unofficial fansite

About The Anime

The "How to Raise a Kappa" ("Kappa no Kaikata") anime is comprised of 26 episodes (which you can download here) which run at around 4 minutes each. Although odd in the way that human characters are drawn without facial features, there is no skimping on actual animation quality! The background scenery in particular is superbly drawn and lend richness to the anime despite the short episode length. There is some flow from episode to episode, and progress is (however slowly) made by Watashi in raising his kappa, Kaatan. And to brighten up the mood, there is a generous helping of humour interspersed throughout each episode.

Games and Toys

Accompanying the anime are two video games, one for the PlayStation 2 and one for the GameBoy Advance. Other merchandise includes a selection of toys produced by Takara Toys in Japan.

About Kappas (Japanese Folklore)

(Note: this text is taken from the Wikipedia article on Kappa (folklore) where you can find out more!) Warning: somewhat graphic.

Kappa (Japanese, literally: "river-child"), alternately called Gataro ("river-boy") or Kawako ("river-child"), are legendary creatures; a type of water sprite found in Japanese folklore. However they are also considered to be a part of cryptozoology, due to claims of sightings.

Most depictions show kappa as child-sized humanoids, though their bodies are often more like those of monkeys or frogs than human beings. Some descriptions say their faces are apelike, while others show them with beaked visages more like those of tortoises or with duck beaks. Pictures usually show kappa with thick shells and scaly skin.

Kappa are mischievous troublemakers. Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women's kimonos, to the more troublesome, such as stealing crops, kidnapping children, or raping women. In fact, small children are one of the gluttonous kappas favorite meals, though they will eat adults as well. They feed on these hapless victims by sucking out the shirikodama ("life force") - or entrails, blood, liver depending on the legend - through the anus.